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Workspace hierachy and alerts questions

Hi all, I'm having some trouble understanding how some of the tools are supposed to interact and how to create proper alerts for my co-workers.

This is how I understand the  hierachy:

Company > Workspace > Project > deliverable > task

I am mostly unsure about the latter two. Basically what I need is a to do list associated with the various projects. My understanding would be that deliverables are the global objective is to achieve under a project, and tasks are the various actions needed by different co-workers to achieve these deliverables.

However, if this assumption is correct, there are to main issues I have with this setup:

1) I cannot associate tasks to any deliverable or any project. They seem to be like an independent entity. However I need tasks to be associated to projects or deliverables - maybe I do not understand correctly what these are supposed to do. But if they do not work like I think they should, then there should be a tool which allows me to organise tasks where I can:

  • Specify co-workers responsible for completing the task
  • specify co-workers to be alerted of all communications related to the task, as well as upon creation and completion of task

2) when I create a task for myself I need  all my co-workers in the same workspace alerted that this task exists. Or, alternatively, I would need to be able to decide which co-workers should be alerted. Ideally I could choose between both options.

As it stands if I include more than one co-worker it also creates more than one tasks. Which I find very confusing and counter-productive

The deliverables are actually closer to what I would expect from tasks, but still confused me or are missing features:

  • I can specify deliverable owners. However I only need one owner, whatever that is supposed to be. What I need to happen is that specified co-workers get alerted when a deliverable is created, completed or any conversation is taking place. I do not need them to own the deliverable nor do I need them to have any responsibilities.
  • I see that I can specify which project a deliverable belongs to but again I cannot associate tasks with this deliverable

Basically what it comes down to is that I am not able to create a to do list which has a number of items, and that each item is associated to a project, and that each workspace member (or specified workspace member) get alerted on any activity associated with this to do.

Many thanks for any tips on how to set this up properly



Christoph Herrmann

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Podio:  Please answer questions, you have many un-addressed items in the community forums.

Christoph:  I have run into a similar issue right now.  We just discovered that general task creation in a workspace will populate the master list of tasks, but when we use a task application, the task app and master list of tasks do not interact.  This has caused a lot of tasks to be missed or delayed.  

We have an individual workspace for each client.  Maybe I'm up one level too high for the way Podio is programmed and each client should be a project.  But that defeats the purpose of multiple workspaces the way I need them.

I wish you luck on the hunt if you're still looking for answers.

Rogan Lampe 0 votes
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I'd love for this to be answered as well.  Adding a "reference link" like the other apps would solve this problem.

I use tasks instead of deliverables for projects because I can click one icon at the top to get started.  But,  when trying to add a timesheet, you can only associate the timesheet to the project (and not the individual task of the project).

Podio, would love a resolution.  Thanks!

Chris 0 votes
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Sad to see this has not been addressed as this is a major problem.  I'm in the same boat and need some guidance.

joshua muise 0 votes
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Hey Guys,

If you need guidance from team Podio I advice you to submit a private support request. This Forum is for general discussion between users using Podio but if you need our assistance please click "submit a request" in the top right corner of the Help Centre to let us know. You can also use this link: or contact us via :)

Tasks are seen as small personal to-dos (like call this person) as described in this blog post:

If you like more flexibility in the task function or share the task openly I recommend that you simply build a task app and link this to your deliverable or project app. 

Here's how you build an app:

And the fields of the app builder:

Hope this can help you further.



Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes
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