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Bulk edit: edit items, easier access needed, reduced clicky desired

getting at my data to edit it requires a lot of "clicky" click click click. then i have to save it. clicky clicky clicky.

why not let me edit my item's data where i see it?

need manage record locking, simultaneous edits, etc.

sorry to overlap with the flaming-hot thread about bulk delete, but bulk edit is also desperately needed.

Mike O Not planned

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I just hate to update a simple status of 173 items in Podio.
With bulk delete in place how can this be such a struggle?

+4 (one for each year this issue is unresolved so far)...

Stefan Falkboman 4 votes

3 more years and maybe we will have a "bulk edit" feature. If you wanna bulk edit, right now, Podio's answer is to take your deliverables > Exporting to excel > Edit > Import > Match Each Field > upload > Go back to Deliverables and hopefully you didn't make a single mistake or else now you gotta clean up the data and start all over again.... Simple solutions: Att Podio please create "Bulk Edit" right from within Podio. Oh yeah, it's on the drawing board .... For 3 years ;) My son was 8 years old when this thread started and now he is turning 12 :) He can code, maybe I;ll get him to code it for Podio :)

Mark Sagent 7 votes

This thread is getting to be ridiculous, Podio, do something!!!  

Bassam nakfour 6 votes

Ok as of today after two years I will sadly be searching else where if bulk edit takes this long who knows whats next? I will miss you podio and always remember the good times we shared :( tear sad face

Brett Leavitt 3 votes

Podio DOES NOT CARE ABOUT PAYING CUSTOMERS! If they did they would say something... About to take this to Social Media. (Podio user gone Rogue :)

Mark Sagent 0 votes

Just got a update from Podio that the "Bulk" feature is not currently on their road map. So we have been waiting for 3 years for nothing. And with this, unfortunately we are gonna have to say goodbye to Podio as CRM possibility. A CRM tool/platform without Bulk update capabilities is just not visible for us. This is a feature that should have been implemented at the very beginning instead of maybe trying to launch a new failed products such as "Beagle". Poor resource management. This feature is clearly needed as you can see by the amount of people on this thread. You just lost a possible 20+ users from us alone. Thank you Podio for all the sleepless nights fiddling around trying to get around your lack of basics. It was a great ride, but we are gonna have to cancel our subscription but worst of all I'm gonna have announce to my team that we are off to another CRM company. Today, I'm gonna have to hear all the "I told you so!" from my coworkers. Goodbye Podio!

Mark Sagent 3 votes

Hi Everyone. Faced with the same frustration as everyone else, we have started switching to Salesforce and expect to be fully migrated over in the next 6 months.

We had tried to avoid Salesforce for many years, because it was expensive, not particularly user friendly and for most things a combination of Zoho and Podio worked for us. However, Salesforce has made significant strides. Their "Lightning" window into the platform is a much nicer user interface. Their window into the platform has become more podio-like, with custom "objects" (i.e. apps) and pricing comparable to Podio, if most of your users just use 10 apps.

Note: Salesforce defines podio "workspaces" as "apps" and podio "apps" as "custom objects".

Hope this is helpful.

When I first came across Podio, I thought it was an absolutely amazing product concept. It's a shame it seems to have lost its way a little bit from the critical functions that users need.

Dinesh Ganesarajah 1 vote

WOW! Many thanks for this tip and solution.
I just installed it and it works like we want it to be.

Michiel Haverlag 0 votes

@Mark Sagent, if you were to select another platform, what would you choose as an alternative?

Is Slack, with integrations, a better alternative for teams today?

David Vargas 0 votes

It is very disappointing to see that bulk edit is not yet planned after 4 years!. Why don't we do this like that:

1. Create a Podio view.

2. A new button on the top - "Edit". Click "Edit". Change Color : Red -> Yellow.

3. It was queued, please wait.. 

4. Finished.

Is it really so difficult?

Adil Tuncer 0 votes

Are there any updates???  It's been almost 5 years since the first post....

Eduardo Bucio 0 votes

hi Podio 

in case this feature request seems too complex to develop
... maybe you could start with a light-weight version release : 

mass update pre-existing categories only 
like labels in Gmail... 
it would already help a lot




Jasper 0 votes