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Bulk edit: edit items, easier access needed, reduced clicky desired

getting at my data to edit it requires a lot of "clicky" click click click. then i have to save it. clicky clicky clicky.

why not let me edit my item's data where i see it?

need manage record locking, simultaneous edits, etc.

sorry to overlap with the flaming-hot thread about bulk delete, but bulk edit is also desperately needed.

Mike O Not planned

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We hire freelancers to help us with Web Design projects and we paid them based on Deliverables that they complete. We have created an App called Deliverables, when a Freelancer finishes a job we mark the deliverable complete, however sometimes the Freelancer jumps the gun and marks the deliverable complete on his own so we always tell them not to touch that particular field but sometime they forget, so than it takes us lots of micro managing by keeping and eye on Item Activity to view and revert changes. We have 1000s of deliverables and 10s of freelancer so you can imagine that this creates lots of work for us just to make sure that freelancer touch the fileds they need to and NOT touch fileds that they dont need to. We have to train them on how to use our Podio Deliverable protocols raising the cost of our staff training. All this could be avoided simply by having a feature were we could lock certain Podio filed so they cant be changed and leaving open other fields. Now this is just one example but we do have other situations that this feature could help majorly. I just dont have the time to mention all of them :)

Mark Sagent 0 votes

Is great to hear that Podio team has made some upgrades related to this request, but I think it's not enaugh.

We should be able to update multiple items from, at least, the table view by (same metodology WordPress uses to bulk edit items):

  1. Selecting them by it's checkbox
  2. Clicking on an "Edit Selected" button
  3. Then one of each template item fields would show up empty at the top of the page
  4. Now, any field we'd fill up would replace the contents of that same field in any of the selected items
  5. Click "Save" button and that's it!!

Another WordPress based implementation would be the ability to edit itmes individualy from, at least, the table view.

Since all App items use the same template, these 2 ideas would be doable and extremely timesaving.

Enrique Errando 2 votes

It's definitely not enough, please find a more efficient way to do so.
Would be greatly efficient and used by everyone.

Lorenzo Bown 1 vote

@Michiel, no news to share in this regard, it is not on the current roadmap - keep the votes coming guys :)

// Oliver - Podio

Oliver Wray 1 vote

Not on the roadmap after 2 years! This is very disappointing and hobbling use for more widespread purposes. How many votes does it take to get this noticed?

James A Bennett 2 votes

We have adopted Podio for many things, but the one feature that prevents us from dumping our CRM entirely for Podio is bulk updates. I am sure that my organization is now alone in this; there are numerous support threads about this.

A simple, common use case for why this is important is as follows:
(a) You have a list of contacts
(b) You want to filter those contacts by particular fields (e.g. added as a contact in the last month)
(c) You want to tag / add a note that you have e-mailed all these people

Zoho CRM and others do this simply as follows:

Podio allows you to almost do this, but presents to you only one bulk update action - delete.

This small feature using this approach could address a lot of user pain.

Thanks for your consideration.

Dinesh Ganesarajah 3 votes

How can this still be unresolved give the original complaint almost 3 years ago and number of people that desperately need this feature?

Ed Biden 2 votes

I think it's pretty crazy Podio is giving us courage to gather more votes. How many votes does a request/wish needs before it gets on the roadmap? We are currently in a test phase with Podio, but we're thinking to switch CRM. I don't see the point where such an improvement could interfere with their vision or other functions they have on their current roadmap. I understand it's hard to implement every wish, but to me this request feels like a must have if you are talking about efficiency and a good workflow. 'Nough said. I hope we'll get more votes... sigh... *sad face*

Michiel Haverlag 1 vote

Hey all, we do follow alog, listen and do our very best to improve Podio every day.

The last 3 years we have implemented more than 100 ideas and new features from our Community, see them all here:

Unfortunately we have to prioritize when adding new functionality and will not be able to prioritize everything at once. Here is some thoughts from our Product Manager on how we work with product development:

Thank you

/Sara - Customer Services Manager

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen -3 votes

Thanks for the response, but I believe this issue has more upvotes than most of the 100 ideas and new features implemented from the community. Perhaps the Product Manager is not listening hard enough... ?

Dinesh Ganesarajah 3 votes

Thanks for your response Sara.

Does your Product Manager know exactly how important it is to have this feature implemented before the year 2019? 

Maybe your Product Manager does not see the urgency because he does not use Podio the way its used in the real world and not just as a Development drawing on a whiteboard in some board room.

Obviously many people need this feature, and we have been waiting YEARS!! Maybe its time for your Production Manager to manage some Production ;)

Sorry for the frustration, but we have been waiting for 3 YEARS!

Sincerely ...Paying customer.

Mark Sagent 1 vote