How do you setup your workspaces?



  • Ryan Hartman

    I'm in the same boat. This app is great, but the learning curve is steep. Seems like the best approach is to just jump in and evolve as you go, redefining and refining your setup as you go. I don't particularly agree with this, it would be preferable if there were sales engineers who could provide some training and refer us to successful configurations.

    I downloaded the "Web App Development" workspace, and while it seems great there is no documentation at all.

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  • Anders Bendix Kiel

    We have now launched SmartGantt. SmartGantt allows you to see Podio items from multiple apps inside one Gantt chart. See more here:

    You can also watch the video intro here:

    We know its not integrated 100% into Podio, but we hope you like it anyway.

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  • Ryan Malone

    I have the exact same question and it's the biggest problem we have with Podio. They seem to be great about given some kick-off guidance if you are a premium payer.

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