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Notes to specific clients

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to add a phone-call or a just a note under a specific client and show this note

at the top (the latest note first)

 I've seen that you can add a comment but I think this is not the same.


Marcin Kowalski Answered

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I would add a comment for this, but our order of comments are latest last and this is not changeable. 

/Gustav - Podio

Gustav Jonsson 0 votes

Hi Gustav, thx for the answer.

We have setup this trough the NotesApp.

We've linked tot he NotesApp via App reference the followings apps:

  • Projects
  • Contacts
  • Meetings

If we have a phone-call we just fill out the Note with the Clients name, project and a date. This way the note will be linked to the specific clients, project etc.

We have setup almost all our apps via App Reference and linked to each other. It works great.

Marcin Kowalski 0 votes

Hey Marcin, that's of course also a way to do it! 

As long as it works well for you I'm all behind it. We ourselves use the comments, but Podio is pretty flexible (as we all know) :) 

Have a good weekend, 


Gustav Jonsson 0 votes

Hi Gustav,

Although your response to Marcin above indicates that comments are listed latest last irreversibly, as the comment list increases, it becomes increasingly inefficient to have to scroll to the bottom to find the latest comment.  Would you please consider revising the comment section so that we can sort them in reverse chronological order?  It would be most helpful.  Same with tasks.

Lisa Rutledge 0 votes