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How to view ALL tasks?

I have two different people that assign tasks out to different employees. I see I can go view my tasks, tasks I have delegated, but not tasks delegated by others. How would I view this without having to go into every project (over 165 of them) to see what tasks have not been completed? I have the free version, demoing this product later this week to my superiors to get the full version purchased, however, could not figure out how to do this one task. Figure I am just missing something as it is not an effective Project Management app if managers can't check up on the projects. 

Thanks, and LOVE this app. 

Chris Edwards

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After a bit of research I've found out you can access all tasks related to a workspace by going to that workspace and clicking the title in "[Workspace name] Tasks" widget in the sidebar.
If I do that, voila, there's the "All tasks" section, along with My tasks, My delegated tasks, etc.
However if I click the tasks icon in the top bar (= the usual way to get there), "All tasks" are gone. I think despite this being pretty hard to find, it's an inconsistency and a usability issue.

I realise that it's probably because when you access Tasks through the top bar, you're going out of the workspace, and "All tasks" are always related to a given workspace (not sure if I'm being clear).
Anyway, I would love to have an easy way to see all tasks. Should I go ahead and post a request?

Other than that, thank you for the awesome work!

Karol Tomoki Yamazaki 3 votes
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