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Is it possible to edit pipeline app fields (cells) without editing each "deal" separately?

In the pipeline app, it's much too time-consuming to select each "deal", select edit, select what we want displayed in a field (cell), select save and finally, hit the pipeline app to view the table layout with the new information displayed. When in the "Table" layout, I'd like to edit each "cell" directly. For example, I created a multiple choice response for a column. I want to be able to select a cell and have the dropdown menu with my multiple choice options displayed. Is this possible? If not, can you make this available soon? Thank you!

Alexis Van Gelder

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Hi there, I am looking for this functionality in general, editing via the table format. Also looking for a mass editing capability where a set of records are selected via filter or otherwise, then a process run to fill in a selected field or run a calculation (string, math) on it using other fields as sources. 

James A Bennett 0 votes

Hi there, this feature request (bulk editing) was placed in several threads now, but I still can't see any progress! Please tell us something about your plans!

Matthias Brudler 0 votes

Hey Matthias and others,

It is definitely something that we will like to build in the future - on the long wish-list so to speak. Unfortunately I can't promise exactly when it will be.

Until then, you can use the card layout or excel import as a bulk-editing work-around.

//Sara - Podio

Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen 0 votes