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Feature Request - More Control Over Layout

Would it be possible to design any of the apps so that when you add building block everything doesn't have to be on one line?  It's annoying to have to scroll long pages that are simply info that has been filled in and only takes up a few letters but still has to appear on it's own line.  I.E. you create a text box for a date or a number and it's on one line and then you add another similar text box and it's on another separate line.  By the time you add a lot of data to say a customer file it becomes a ridiculously long file full of very spread out information. I'm hoping for some drag-n-drop ability to allow us to move the building blocks around in a format that makes more sense for our app or at least adjust the width and placement.  Anyone else want this?  

Ginger Fawcett

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Better layout control is certainly also on top of my wish-list.

Even just an option to check/uncheck a "new-line-parameter" with each field would be a step forward.

Another idea is to make tabledesign available inside large textfields. This is already possible in the UI !

Ref.: Attached file below and this link:

Søren Torrild 0 votes
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