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Is there an easy way to track hours?

I'm contracting a part-time employee to help with some simple tasks. I have a general idea of how long I anticipate these tasks to take him, but I'd like to see if there's a way for me to add a time tracking/logging tool? I had read in a blog article that this would be an upcoming feature, but I'm not able to find the app? Please help. Thanks!

Jami Howard Answered

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Hi there,

yes I have the same problem - cannot find easy way to track hours. In our company we use podio and we do not know how to track hours easily. Of course there is way as you show in Timesheet but this is annoying to use every day - working with specific item, need to switch to timesheet, pick the item I have just been in and then set the time and so on. Ideally be able to modify hours directly in specific item and with person tracking for reporting.

What feature will have the automatic timetracker solution? Is it coming up feature?   




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