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Tasks or an assignments app?

Hi. I'm trying to move our very basic project management for our company (6 FTE) over to Podio from Google Docs and I have a question regarding tasks.

Our project mgt structure is as follows:

We have clients, who have projects, which have assignments, .

A project has someone managing it, and an assignment has someone executing it.

My goal is to give myself and my colleagues a clear list of things they have to do, and projects they are in charge of managing, as well as giving myself a good overview of progress and deadlines of all projects.

So in Podio would I do:

Clients (app), Projects (app), Assignments (app)?


Clients (app), Projects (app), Tasks?

When I look at all of Podio I find the Tasks feature very prominent, so something tells me I should use this. On the other hand I'd love to use the progress bar that can be added to an app, this can't be added to a task.

Help is appreciated.

Tim Brugman

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Hey Tim, my short answer to this would definitely be to use Clients (app), Projects (app), Assignments (app). 

This will be a lot better than to break the assignments down into tasks. Read more about the thoughts behind the tasks here: and 

Hope that helps! 

/Gustav - Podio

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