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Better mobile app actionable content

I'm new to Podio and am looking primarily to use it as a CRM. It's pretty configurable (which is great) but I find it more difficult to use when trying to "get things done". I having to click into multiple screens to get to the actionable content.  So I'd like to see better information summary in tasks and contacts.  I saw the thread on "Badge Display" and that's essentially what I'm talking about but more broadly applied across the web and mobile apps.

For example, if I've set a contact followup task I would expect the corresponding task detail to show me quickly the different ways I could follow up (phone, email, address, etc.). If I'm working from the mobile app (android) viewing that task list, I first have to click the task to view detail, then click on the company associated with the task, then click on the contact associated with the company. In my mind that's too many steps to get to the task's actionable content (the email or phone number).

Ideally the contact's info would be displayed right in that first task list or at the very least in the task detail.

Thanks for the consideration!

Nate Howland

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I have a related issue / request:

I want to use podio for managing the people and companies I work with. As suggested by Sara Høeg ,( I am using podio apps to organise these contacts (not the built in contact manager).

When I open one of these contacts on my smartphone, I can access the phone numbers here. But I cannot call them, I cannot select them , ...

It would be nice if I could click on a phone number and get a button "call this number".

Alexander Colson 0 votes
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Hi Nate and Alexander,

Thank you very much for your inputs (though it's been a while since you made the requests).

We're actually looking into making the Podio app better all around and we need your help to do this.

It would be a tremendous help if you could help us with developing the app by sharing your mobile use cases with these topics:

  1. What kind of mobile devices do you use? And when are you using them?

  2. To what extend do you use your mobile device for business / work purposes?

  3. What else do you use on your phone?

  4. How do you use Podio on mobile?

  5. What is most important for you to access through the Podio app?

  6. If you could have options to personalize your apps - what would this contain?

Thanks in advance for your help.


Mette Frøkjær Hansen 0 votes
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