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Contacts via app reference problem; anyone suggestions?

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has a brilliant idea for this use-case:

As we all know there are some issues with how Podio handles contacts atm, especially that they are workspace bounded. This has been recognized by the Podio team and is something they are working on as mentioned elsewhere. 

In the meantime I have made a contacts workspace with an organization and contacts app, as many of you probably did. Since we can reference over spaces this is actually a really good solution that allows a lot of flexibility (although the fact that search is limited to the first field can be a bit complicated sometimes). 

Now my problem is as follow: when I add a reference to an app in this contacts workspace (be it organizations or the contacts app) I get the warning that by allowing referencing over workspaces I am allowing users of that specific work to get a preview of the referenced item content. That is actually exactly what I want: I have events in which I reference to a contact and then I want them to see the address etc. At least the summary, but preferably they are able to click and go to the item. 

So I was surprised that when I made a test user I was actually only able to see the name of the referenced item and nothing else. If I wanted to see more I had to hit the request access button.

But that is not what I want, since I do not want people only loosely associated with our organization (in my case performers, technicians) to be able to see our complete contact list. 

The only solution I can come up with atm is creating a central database outside podio that is a copy of the central contact database in podio and then having a seperate contacts app in a workspace that is triggered via the api to create a record if there is a reference to it from that workspace. But this is quite complicated and you can't solve that the link goes to the wrong record (at least I couldn't think of a solution for that yet). In sum it needs a really complicated workaround for something that I though was already in Podio, so maybe there are other ways?






Rutger Gernandt

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Hi Rutger, have you found a solution for this problem? I'm having the excact same problem which is driving me nuts! :)

Simon Saxtorph 0 votes

Hi Simon,

Well yes I have a solution, but it is in an app outside of Podio that was build for us. 

We are a theatre company and one of the things that costs a lot of time is updating all the touring itineraries. Plus there is no way to print the spreadsheet like overview in podio. 

So we now have an app that has a sync database (also nice as redundant backup for when Podio would suddenly vaporize) which contains all the productions we are running. There is the address of a contact/location is coupled to a performance/rehearsal etc. Then I can publish this overview as a seperate website (which has a nice lay out et al) and send the link to everybody involved. That way I do not have to give everybody access to the podio workspace which is inconvenient for people that only want to know the planning. Think of this public button as how you can publicize a spreadsheet in google docs for example.

That works for us but I can imagine you have a rather different use-case depending on your business. In the meantime it is a matter of waiting for a better contact management system to be implemented in podio I guess. But they do have more focus on improving current functions atm; like the clone function which saved us already hours of work...think of adding all cast and crew again and again to every performance in a tour schedule...

Best regards,


Rutger Gernandt 0 votes