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Has anyone used Podio to track attendance


I looked through the app store and didn't see anything that really fit. Does anyone use Podio to track attendance? I have students and want to track how often they are in class. 

David Sadowsky

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Would like this answered as well for HR purposes and vacations/holidays. It would be good to be able to lookup an employee and see how much holiday they have left in the year. The problem is that when you roll into a new year, you can only sum ALL holidays taken and not just the current year.

Rob Horan 0 votes

I created an app to record absences, tardies, early departures, etc., to assign automatically standardized absentee work, and to collect and score that work quickly and with minimal extra work. I will use it for the first time in the fall, but I am confident that it will be easy to use and very effective in reducing the number of absences, and trips to the restroom (which are usually unnecessary). It isn't quite ready for th app market, but I will try to speed it along its way. I created a workspace just for absences and will make all of my students members to facilitate sharing items. I will enter each absence (tardy, etc.) as a single item. That, I believe, will be the trick.

Joseph Hill 2 votes