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“Unfollow all apps from space” option

As I understand things :

  • If you are a member of one space, you get subscribed to all space's individual apps by default;
  • If you unfollow a space (down a space activity page), you don't get notifications from the stream (statuses), but still get notifications from individual apps (that are not muted in Advanced app settings).
  • IOW, if you are a member of one space you're not directly involved with on a daily basis, think you get too many notifications from that space, unfollow it from the space main page, you won't get statuses, but will still get app notifications/activity from that space, and need to unfollow each app one by one if you want to mute the space altogether (from your stream/notifications).

Is that correct?

If yes (sorry if no) — and given how the amount of notifications is a known issue for all Podio new users —,  I think that a new user is kind of entitled to expect muting the whole space by unfollowing it's main page, AND that having to mute/unfollow all apps one by one, in all spaces you need/are entitled to have access to seems very tedious.

What do you think?

How about a small drop down on spaces' main page unfollow link that would allow to:

  • Unfollow status from that space
  • Unfollow status and all apps from that space



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I customise and support Podio for clients so I am a member of around 100 workspaces. I currently have almost 1000 notifications. Let alone look at all of them I simply don't have the time or energy to go and tweak each of the apps. It would be a very handy function if i could “Unfollow all apps from space” and/ or be able to switch of the autofollowing of new apps in my settings.

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