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Any way to avoid duplicates on App?

Hi Team Podio,

I'm wondering if there is any way to avoid duplicate data to be input on a App - For ex. lets say that I'm adding leads to an app.. but someone on my team added as well the same lead.. it's any property that allows to index a field (something like primary Key in most object Data Bases)- just like it's available when importing from excel??

I love Podio !!!... but duplicate data is give me a hard time !!!

Thanks in advance



Peter Montanez Completed

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+1 - I work in recruitment and I send the form to the candidates so i want to avoid that a candidate is postuled more than once. I really would appreciate that i could assign the primary key to a field like the e-mail for example.

Marco Polo de Jesús Cetina Abreu 0 votes

Hi guys,

I'm afraid there is currently no feature that helps to automatically prevent duplicates in your app.

For now, the way to go is to use the search tool to see if that item you are about to create already exists:

If you have access to a developer, you could also build this functionality using our API:

That said it is something we have as an input and I'll make sure to add your votes on it! Hopefully it can be something that will be possible in the future - thank you all for your feedback.

/Charlie - Podio

Charlie Lindstrom -3 votes

It is unfortunate :C

It would be great if you could at least check the mail in the form, like when you create a new mail and it checks whether or not there at the time.

Marco Polo de Jesús Cetina Abreu 0 votes

Perhaps even a "merge" function so that two (or more) items can be merged together? (similar to Google Contacts - you choose what row-level data to keep for each merge)

Andrew Sowden 4 votes

Really annoying that this simple little thing is not available. We need:

  • A way to mark fields as "unique"
  • This must be available for all field types
  • A "merge duplicates" function similar to what is available in Google Apps (obviously only for non-unique fields)
Helge Klein 0 votes

Hi. When is the unique key functunality going to be added, i am really trying to roll podio out to 500 users but you are making it very difficult for me to pitch podio for the global company. Small things like this and making a file attachment mandatory, come on guys, these are basic things. I would like to know time frames. People have been asking for these simple things for years?

Duke Opsahl 1 vote

Being able to mark a field as having to be unique, would be a huge help.

The globiflow automation is a clunky workaround, and is only helpful if using a webform or separate app to enter all of our leads.

Is there anything we can do to help get this feature added? A kickstarter maybe? :P

It seems it would help a lot of people out.

Jude Lawrence 1 vote



Why do we still have no way to prevent duplicates that doesn't include me creating a webform app and pushing it over into my leads app?  Do you know how many Zaps I have set up?  Do you know what I would have to do in order to set those all up again?  We need duplicate prevention!!! PLEASE, for the love!!!!!

Joliene Ivory 1 vote