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Purchasing System

I would like to try and figure out how to create a purchasing system inside Podio. Does anyone have any idea's on how we could accomplish something like this? Thanks!

Anthony W Stefani Answered

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Stock Podio is close, but  needs a few features to pull this off to a minimal degree:

  • Sequence Number generation (for unique PO numbers)
  • Formatting for printing (POs need to be rendered and emailed to vendors)
  • Controllable Security (permissions change during the workflow, prevent modification when closed)
Steve Araiza 0 votes
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Hey Anthony and Steve, 

We're looking at sequence numbers, this is something that we would like to have on Podio as well. 

Also for the printing this is a popular request. I don't have any timeframe of this though, but we definitely hear you. 

For the permission side of things, we like to keep things easy with our permission level being the workspace at the moment. We're discussing these things daily and your input is very valuable. 

Have a great weekend by the way, I just realized that it's Friday :)

/Gustav - Podio

Gustav Jonsson 0 votes
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