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  • Rocky Walls

    Love the new chat feature guys! One suggestion if it hasn't been made already - in the settings area, allow us to choose whether to subscribe to traditional messages, chat messages or both. I don't want an email every time I get a chat message, but I would like one when I get a traditional message.

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  • Gustav Jonsson

    Hey Rocky, thanks so much for the kind words! 

    A chat message is a traditional message and vice versa, so they're actually the same thing in different formats depending on where in Podio you are (chat pane, /conversations page). 

    Hope that helps, 


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  • Ron van der Plas

    Nice feature, makes a lot of people happy.

    Is it possible to connect an chat session to a workspace?

    Mostly chat should be about a project/work and therefore belongs to an item or a workspace? Certainly when attachments are included. Sometimes people don't have the discipline to seek the original item for attaching the document.

    E.g when in case of an issue you check back in the records it should be nice to find the attachment that is provided through the chat belonging to that one item where the issues started.



    The Android app doesn't handle the link to a jpg or ppt well. Probably has to be updated yet. I thought it is nice to mention.  

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  • Jacquelyn May

    Hi Ron,

    Glad you're liking chat so far :)

    For now there's not a way to relate a chat to something in Podio, though this is on our list of things we plan to add eventually.

    /Jacquelyn - Podio

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  • Carlos Blanco

    Hi. Has anyone done an App for Services instead of Products? The pricing plans are quite different.

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  • Juan Freire

    I agree with Ron. It´s very important to me to connect chat and messages to a workspace or projects, or contacts....


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  • Nunzio Gambale

    Hi Guys. Can i ask a question about Chat? How is the security handled in chat? I have lots of contacts in my chat pane, all belonging to different workspaces. If i 'chat' with a co-worker, the chat is 'searchable'...and it turns up when i search for it. The question is, do chat messages turn up in EVERYONE searches, or is it only chat's that you have had? We are wanting to make sure that chat is in fact private.... between the 2 parties... so both parties could search for a chat message and find it, but no one else?

    Is this the behaviour of Podio Chat? or is chat more public than that? Does that make any sense?

    ciao and thnx so much!

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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Chat is private :) So it will only appear in searches since you were a part of the conversation.

    //Sara - Podio

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  • trananha91

    jup love to have it too! :D


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