API Error 'Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'integer''



  • Dominic Brown

    Hi Giovana Almeida - Automation,

    Have you found a solution to this yet? We use Make.com to automate a process with our accounting software and this is throwing up the same error. This happened between 3 and 14 September.

    Thanks in advance.


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  • Giovana Almeida - Automation

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  • frieda.ritter

    First, check the status of Podio's API and Make.com's service using their respective company information API to ensure they are not experiencing any downtime or issues on their end. Sometimes, service disruptions can cause unexpected errors. Examine the error messages you are receiving in detail. These messages can provide valuable information about the nature of the problem. Look for any specific error codes or announcements that help pinpoint the issue.

    Consult the official documentation for Podio's API and Make.com to ensure you use the correct endpoints, authentication methods, and parameters. There may have been changes or updates that affect your existing automation.

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