Conversion m2 / Ft 2 vices versa and price per square ft.



  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Richard,

    I don't understand what you need to do. Is there either a value in the NUMBER fields Area (m2) or Area (ft2) or are there always both fields filled. And if both fields filled: Do you need to compare them or to sum them or ... ? Why do your reference the calc field  Area (ft2)  in the field Price Per .. and not the number field ?    


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  • Richard Linden

    Hi Rainer,

    What I need to achieve is a price per sq Ft and / or m2. (Property Value / Area).  As property in the UK can be measured and priced using both metric (residential) and imperial (commercial)

     So I assume I need both a ft2 and m2 as a known input.

     Then It would be good to be able to convert ft2 > m2   (* 10.7639) and vice versa (* 0.092903)  - does that help?

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