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    Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hi Jan,

    My name is Sara and I am the Lead Product Manager for Podio. Appreciate your concern and feedback.

    The platform has been growing considerable in size the last few years meaning we have a huge codebase and architecture to maintain and improve in order to keep platform healthy. We are not able to quickly launch new features at the same rate as we did in the early years. Our current focus is performance of the existing platform and current features, rather than building a lot of new features to our (already) very powerful and feature-rich platform. 

    The big effort for 2017 have been the Citrix acquisition of GlobiFlow, the automation engine for Podio - if you are interested in more functionality, I would definitely recommend you to try this out. You can request a free trial here. We would love to see you as a paid customer in the future!

    We are not able to or planning to share a public roadmap (being a part of Citrix, a public traded company). Our focus area for 2018 will be performance, scalability and compliance of the existing platform to help us grow.


    Sara - Podio


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  • Bill Carovano

    From my perspective, there have been a lot of improvements to (and around) Podio over the past 12 months that have enabled me personally to launch entirely new businesses.

    For example, this year I launched a hosted CRM offering (based on Podio and other tools such as Twilio, Lob, Slybroadcast, and RightSignature) that relies on a number of new Podio features. For some of these features, I wouldn't have been able to launch the offering without them; for others, they made the offering much, much better. These include:

    - Hidden fields
    - Improved calendaring, such as better Google integration, color-coding, future repeating events.
    - Globiflow acquisition and full inclusion in Podio Premium
    - Publish app packs with flows
    - Multi-line text field editor upgrade
    - A long list of smaller improvements, mostly to Globiflow

    Everything around Podio continues to improve as well. Tools like Momentum Backup, Phases Data Copy, smrtPhone for Podio, and Procfu (from the founder and developer of Globiflow) are making Podio a better and better platform. Podio continues to be unmatched in its ability to streamline business workflows. I see so many businesses trying to cobble together multiple systems like Trello, Infusionsoft, Slack, Hubspot...when Podio can do what all of these systems do, in a more consolidated way that delivers better business results.

    P.S. If you haven't tried Podio Premium with Globiflow, you are missing out on some amazing functionality that will change your entire perception of Podio!

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  • Leonardo Wood

    @BillCarovano - This is my first post and I upgraded to Premium 5 minutes ago, with a view to helping small businesses who are cobbling other services together, which I have dome myself for many years. Your reply to Jan is encouraging so thank you for that. I would like to launch a Hosted CRM based on Podio, are there any resources you can point me in the direction of please, to help with that? Thanks again. Leonardo

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  • Bill Carovano

    @Leonardo - one of the best places to learn about Podio/Globiflow is the "Podio for Globiflow Users" workspace, specifically the User Forum app,  You'll be prompted to join this workspace from your Globiflow login.  There's also tons of good information in the Podio Help Centre.


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  • Leonardo Wood

    @Bill - Nice one, just logged in to GlobiFlow and clicked the link to join... I'm in and will get my head around it all! Thank you.

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