Allow access to an app without granting access to the entire workspace



  • Brittney McDowell

    It seems like, at one point, you were able to grant access to an item without access to the entire space... Either I don't know what happened, or I'm out of my mind. 

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  • Marina Lopes

    You are still able to share a single item Brittney, however my request is to grant access to the entire app without granting access to the workspace it is in.

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  • Bethany Anderson

    This would be an awesome enhancement!  Some apps are logical to put together in a single workspace and each app has a different user set.  I'd love to be able to grant access by app, it would make organization so much easier and prevent accidents in other apps by people who really shouldn't have been in that app (but were curious).  It would also help us to reduce the number of workspaces due to permission delineation.

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  • Roberto Chiminelli

    Absolutely.... this feature would solve a lot of trouble on my side.

    Is it on the road map?

    It seems to me that even with the Plus or Premium solution this feature is not available.

    Am I wrong?

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  • Allan Valverde



    Thanks for reaching out. I am happy to help

    At the moment it is needed to add the user to the whole workspace.

    We suggest creating a new app and share that single app with the user/

    Also, you can share single items with guests.



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  • Sebastian Kastrup Nielsen

    Dear Podio. 

    I really hope, you would like into this. 

    It is a highly needed feature that you can grant access to an app without granting access to the entire workspace. It would make collaboration much more flexible. 

    Do you have it on your roadmap? 

    Best regards
    Sebastian, Amero

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  • Dana P

    Hi Sebastian,

    I as well, I know it would be a great addition to an already wonderful platform. While I am not at liberty to share our roadmap, it is something that we are continually bringing up to our development team to investigate further.

    Please stay posted for any updates to this feature!


    Dana - Podio

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