Allow rich text formatting and markdown syntax in help texts



  • Kelley Markoff

    Hi Lnnie,

    Here are some samples of Markdown in Podio, created by Andreas. Is this what you're looking for?

    //Kelley - Podio

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  • Lennie

    Hello Kelley,

    Unfortunately, no, I'm aware of those markdowns in Podio if using text fields, comments etc. However, those syntax doesn't work in help texts, when you put something in it, it will read it as it is.

    For example, if you put a sharp symbol (#) at the beginning of a comment, that comment will be a header, but if I put that sharp on my help text, it will appear as sharp (#) alone without converting it into a header.

    Hope I make sense.

    Thank you

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  • Manuel Hüttel

    yes please allow markdown /rich text formatting in text field !!!!

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  • Lena Groh-Trautmann

    Is there a solution by now? We need to be able to edit help text and are stuck.

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