Unique Items on Podio



  • Pete Cuff

    Hi Julis, 

    There are 2 unique keys you can access for Podio items: one is the App Item ID and one the Podio Item ID.  To turn on the App Item ID it's under an app's advance settings.  For Podio Item IDs these need to be accessed via the API but for example this is easy using platforms like Globiflow.

    Hope that helps

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  • Julius Danek

    Hi Peter, 


    that doesn't help unfortunately because I meant me setting a unique key. Like an email address as a unique key. Liken it to a SQL db where you can set unique keys on any column. In Podio I haven't seen the possibility to do that. 



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  • Bill Carovano

    Hi Julius

    To prevent duplicates, you can use Globiflow and a "when item created" flow to check for the existence of the unique key.  If found, you can delete the new (or existing) item.  You could also choose to update existing item values if desired.

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