Suppressing/disabling markdown in calculation field



  • Adrien BLAISE

    Markdown will convert "[whatever number]. String" to start from one and increment. So

    4. Item 1
    9. Item 2
    5. Item 3

    will be converted to:

    1. Item 1
    2. Item 2
    3. Item 3

    You may either change the separator to " - " (vs. period) within the source string, or you can try wrapping the whole thing within back ticks so that this is considered as code/preformatted.

    Like "`" + @Text + "`"

    Depending on the use case, you may want to try dynamic images (like: with a transparent background.

    (Or wait for a couple of hours, and RAINER will come up with a smarter solution...)


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  • Adrien BLAISE

    Or try:

    @Text.replace("."," - ")

    Maybe you can find something closer to a dot, that won't be renumbered by markdown.

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  • Rainer Grabowski

    If you want to keep the dot:

    @text.replace(/(\d\.) /g,"$1 ")



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  • Tillmann Heidelk

    Thank you for the quick help, very much appreciated!

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