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  • Alexander Heininger

    @Podio: The only thing you need to do is add an additional view option for categories with multiple possible options.

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  • Gloria Marzo

    yes, Agree!!

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  • Kelley Markoff

    Hi Shannen,

    Thank you for the input! With the ability to customize your apps, can you share with me what specifically is missing that would allow you to have what you're looking for? 

    //Kelley - Podio

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  • Shannen Visbeek

    I would love to see a checklist, as can be seen in the picture. Which is very simulare to the task option that already excists in Podio, the squares are thicking boxes. In this way I, as event manager, would be able to see how far the process is at the location, without being on the site. At the end of the day the list needs to be empty again, so it can be used again for the next event. This can be a mis en place list, but also a opening and closing list for the eventroom.


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  • Bethany Anderson

    For me, sometimes tasks are too much and just need the form fields to be the checklist.

    Step 1 - instruction [ ]

    Step 2 - instruction [ ]

    Step 2 - date completed [____]

    Step 3 - instruction [ ]

    Step 3 - outcome [_____]

    and so forth

    For us, we'd use it for process tracking, almost like a QA process where not only could the items be checked off but at times, more data could be collected.

    Since tasks are not exportable, this would be a great alternative.

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