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  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Susan,

    I don't understand your setup. Does the hourly rate depend on the type of a Project (Type A, Type B) so that the hourly rate is a calculation mix of Project type and annualy salary (something like: Standard hourly rate  *1.1 if type A, * 1 if type B)?
    How does your user app look like, which data are in there?
    Each time sheet should be linked to a user (user app) and to a project, it should have one or two  date fields and a field which shows how many hours the user worked that day.
    The further process depends on your answers to my above questions.



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  • Susan Warren

    Hi Rainer

    Thanks for your message. I may not have been clear enough in my description.

    Most of our staff members only have 1 hourly rate (based on annual salary, which varies according to their role). However, some members have different rates for different projects. These projects don't have a fixed rate; it is down to the individual's setup.


    So Staff member Joe is paid £9.62/hr on Project A, and £8.18/hr on Project B

    Staff member Fred is paid £8.18/hr on Project A, and £7.95/hr on Project B


    This shows the different hourly rates and how someone might have more than 1 rate.


    The calculation app then has one entry per staff member per month, which totals the hours put in on another app (user selects the timesheet, selects date and inputs hours). This is then multiplied by a manually entered hourly rate.

    I need to be able to have the hourly rate selected based on which project / user i.e. "If Staff = Lis AND Project = Eco, hourly rate = rate 1 else if Staff = Lis AND Project = Dover, hourly rate = rate 2 else if Staff = Lis, hourly rate = rate 3 else if Staff = Alison AND Project = Eco, hourly rate = rate 1" etc

    The problem is that hourly rates vary based on the user, so cannot be fixed against the project - so I need the calculation to not only reference staff and project, but to also reference the calculated hourly rate for each user based on it being that user.

    I can take further screenshots etc if needed. Sorry if I'm not clear on my explanation!


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