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  • Jacquelyn May

    Hi Babette,

    We don't have shortcuts like that but have you considered using the bookmark bar in your browser? 

    /Jacquelyn - Podio

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  • Henk-Jan Molenkamp

    Great Idea! And exactly what I am looking for:

    I work lots of the time in one Workspace (the opposite from Babettes situation), but when I go directly to a task, there is no easy way back to the home page of that particular workspace. I have to click the left side bar open en select the workspace.

    It would be great and easy to do, to allow 2 or 3 workspaces to be configured on the top horizontal navigation bar. 

    Customization to your own situation makes working with a tool (Podio) so much more a pleasure.

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  • Babette Rösch

    Dear Henk-Jan,

    maybe this will help you as well: Actually there are shortcuts in Podio:

    I renamed my workspaces, now there is only one which begins with an "M". If I want to switch to this workspace, no matter where in the depths of podio I am at the moment, I'm typing "g","m", "return" and there I go - splashpage of my "Marketing"-workspace.

    I hope that solves your Problem.
    Cheers, Babette

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