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Globiflow Reskin & Account Switching

We’re excited to announce a fresh new look for GlobiFlow, and a new feature that many of you have asked for - easy account switching!

New Look

We've given GlobiFlow an uplift by using some font and color choices that more closely match to Citrix branding. Don’t worry - everything else is right where you left it!

Account Switching

You will notice that your name and company are now shown in the header instead of your email address. If you’re a power user with access to multiple accounts as an "Additional User", the new "Account" drop-down menu in the header, should help with easy switching between accounts. Don’t see any of the additional accounts? Just make sure you log out and back in again for the change to take effect.

Pro-tip: If you ever need to know which Podio email address you’re logged in with, simply hover over your name to show the tooltip.

Kruti Carsane

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Good point Julian - just added one for you to take a look!

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