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New Card Layout

We’ve had a lot of feedback on the Card Layout from users and we’re delighted to share a powerful new Card Layout.

Here’s an overview of the changes made:

  • Card layouts are now configurable under Settings / Layout Options, similar to Badge layouts.
  • Card layouts have default configurations that are determined by their component field types.
  • Cards have been redesigned and more closely resemble Badges. In addition, the grouping rows are now larger and darker, to more clearly divide the layout sections.
  • When Card layouts use Category fields for their columns, the header backgrounds and the cards themselves take on the colors defined via the app template.
  • Filtering now works for Card Layout Columns, letting you include only the columns you’d like to see.
  • Sorting, dragging and dropping continue to work as they did before, updating the underlying data for the column field.

We hope you like it!

Along with this update, we also updated avatars in Podio from square to round, just to give the UI a fresh new look.

Read more via our blog.

Jacquelyn May

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Why is it, that it's not possible to use date fields to group your rows in this new layout ?

With that, you would take this a serious step closer to agile projectmanagement :)

Kåre Mulvad Steffensen 0 votes
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Awesome work! Saves me from exporting to PDF to share a beautiful report!

Justin Geeslin 0 votes
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This is really awesome! I discovered this totally by chance and loved it!

One suggestion: if you have a potential revenue, or any dollar field, it would extra fantastic if we could add the rows and show on the header of the column: a) prospect pipeline ($13,000,000); b) lead (XXX), c) client, d) deal, e) YTD. 

Ya know... we self-employed people like / need a little energy bottle every day to reinvent the day. And it will show if our pipeline is right to get our goals.
I think this is a very simple request :)

Glauber Carvalho 0 votes
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