New Card Layout



  • Kåre Mulvad Steffensen

    Why is it, that it's not possible to use date fields to group your rows in this new layout ?

    With that, you would take this a serious step closer to agile projectmanagement :)

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  • Justin Geeslin

    Awesome work! Saves me from exporting to PDF to share a beautiful report!

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  • Glauber Carvalho

    This is really awesome! I discovered this totally by chance and loved it!

    One suggestion: if you have a potential revenue, or any dollar field, it would extra fantastic if we could add the rows and show on the header of the column: a) prospect pipeline ($13,000,000); b) lead (XXX), c) client, d) deal, e) YTD. 

    Ya know... we self-employed people like / need a little energy bottle every day to reinvent the day. And it will show if our pipeline is right to get our goals.
    I think this is a very simple request :)

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