GPS coordinate field - Smart phone location and map markers



  • Bill Carovano

    Hi Matthew - this can be done with Globiflow (included in Podio Premium) and the Google maps API.

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  • Eugen Baryshnikau

    +1. Here is our usecase. We tried to use Podio for field researches where we need to store a location info. Podio location field appeared useless for this. So we ended up with separate fields for lattitude and longtitude and a plain text field for an address.

    The problem is that the current location field stores not a geolocation data (a coordinate) but an address in a text format. This is pretty useless in some cases. Mainly because it totally depends on what Google Maps knows about the location. And it actually knows not too much for some parts of the world, especially for rural areas. So if there is no such an address known to GMap you can not see a map. Silly.

    Another issue is that the address field depends on the language settings, so if I'm using English version of the interface and typing an address in a non-Latin-script language of the country, to see a map I need to store a transliterated version.

    So having an option or even a separate field type just to store the location coordinates seemes superuseful for us.


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  • digging up this old post - my team is looking for a similar solution. 

    Trying to automatically make note of the users current location (GPS Lat/Long) when they hit a certain trigger within Podio. 

    Our dev team has been playing with this but hit a dead end. They say that what they are seeing is that without having a starting address to feed to Google Maps they are not able to return the Lat/Long coordinates. 

    Has anyone cracked that scenario and have tips for us to explore here?

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