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  • Karey Kumli

    Agreed! I have a category field in which multiple options are possible, showing the various tasks that have been performed. In card view, dragging to a task in another column omits the task formerly indicated as complete in the column of origin. As this doesn't work, I'd like to select a number of records and mark a task done. Suggestions please!

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  • Dana P

    Hi Simonas,

    This would definitely be beneficial and more productive for you and  your team.

    Let me add this request and have our developers assess and find a way to implement it.


    Also, please accept my apologies for the obvious late reply to your post here on the forum page.



    Dana - Podio

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  • Simonas

    It took only 2years 8months and 20 days for Podio to reply that your developers maybe will look into it in "near" future.

    We're moving our business out of Podio already.

    There were no real updates for last 4 years or so.


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