Feature request: Admin given ability to edit external profiles



  • Bill Carovano

    Hi Julie - Podio has two modes of operation when it comes to user accounts and administrative control over user accounts.

    Podio was designed (and continues to be used in 99% of cases) for you as the admin to control what users can see and do within your workspaces and organizations.  Users control and "own" their Podio user accounts, because the same user account can be used across multiple organizations and workspaces.  This is very, very convenient for a lot of people (like me) who are members of sometimes dozens of different organizations within Podio.  Otherwise I would have dozens of different accounts, one for each Podio organization.

    More recently, Podio was enhanced with the ability to use ShareFile for management of user accounts.  In this model, the Podio organization admin can control user accounts.  This may be the approach you want to look into, if you happen to use or be interested in ShareFile.

    Personally I think the traditional Podio way is a far superior way to go in most cases, but other options are available if you need them.

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  • Julie Stanford

    I can see that what I need to do might not work for everyone and as you say, Bill, the ability to be part of various organisations with the one user account is, indeed, useful (I have a business account and have at various times used my profile on other organisations' workspaces, too). I have been using Podio for many years and have always found its profile/contact management strange and frustrating, so it's interesting to hear your positive experience of the same system. I suppose it's bound to be that way – different people have different needs and requirements.

    My frustration stems from when I set up external users for one account I manage for a voluntary organisation (a health charity). Many of the volunteers are not very IT-literate and so their user profiles remain very messy (some don't add their names, or avatars) and so choosing them from dropdown lists is not quick or easy. I recently set up two new users, with the full names and contact details, only to have them appear as simply an email address, with no other information showing. I've been in contact with Podio Support but they tell me that the only people who can edit the details are the two people concerned, neither of whom use Podio enough to understand what they are doing (they are volunteers) but need access for information purposes.

    Perhaps Podio might offer a third option: users who have intermittent access and no real interest in learning the system other than to view important information from time to time ;)

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