Option to Hide Field Names for Calculation and Relationship Fields in Badges and References



  • Pete Cuff


    As a conceptual alternative, just a relatively simple layout/coding alteration would solve the problem.  If the field name/label could be put in say 10pt ABOVE the calculation/relationship field content (which could be in say16pt or ratios to that effect), then you can have whatever label you want without it stealing away screen space from the data you actually want to show.

    e.g. mocked up with faux <> tags to show my thinking, rather than the current

    <16pt><greytext>This Is A Long Calc/Relationship Field Label:</greytext> <blacktext>Joe Bloggs</blacktext></16pt>

    turn it into

    <10pt><greytext>This Is A Long Calc/Relationship Field Label:</greytext></10pt><br>
    <16pt><blacktext>Joe Boggs</blacktext></16pt>

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  • R Brown

    +1 for this Ahmad


    It must be a Podio bug because adding the field label is so silly that it can't be intentional

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