Calculation of Relationship with Multiple References



  • Rainer Grabowski

    Hi Gabe,

    if A and B are referenced through a relationship field something shows up when you type @all of ...
    Did you try typing the name of the status field - @all of name of status field
    Even if you only type @name of status field it should be shown in the dropdown as @all of name of status field.

    If you want the latest to be shown:
    @all of name of status field.reverse()[0]
    @all of name of status field[@all of name of status.field.length - 1]


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  • Gabe Cinquepalmi

    Nm. I was doing @all of "app" instead of "field". Derp.

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  • Gabe Cinquepalmi

    Thanks, Rainer. The other issue I was having which took forever to figure out, was that once I made my calculation field return a number for a test, it was no longer usable to return text. I was losing my mind trying to figure out why I could only return a 0, but when I made a new separate calculation and copied it in, it returned my text no problem. Finicky!


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