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Transferring Lead info to Customer App

Hi. Hope someone can help. I'm new to Podio. I am using Leads and Customers Apps and Projects. When someone progresses from being a Lead to a Customer, is there a way to transfer their personal info (name, address etc) to the Customer App to save typing it in again? Or, should I be using one App for leads and customers? Suggestions would be great. Thanks.

Anthony Ferro Answered

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Hi Anthony,

You can definitely use one app for leads and customers, and distinguish between the two using a category field.

I generally create a "Contacts" app for this with a relationship field (values of "Lead", "Customer" for example), and then have a separate "Customer Orgs" app.  That way I can add a relationship field on the Contacts app that references the Contact's Customer Organization.  And you can easily keep track of the Contacts per Customer Organization this way.

Globiflow (included with Podio Premium if you pay for 5 users) is likely to be a big help to you at some point.


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