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    Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hi Erin,

    It is a deliberate choice not to remove members from projects, tasks etc. when removing them from a workspace. We do remove access for the person, but for historic reasons (so current employees can see who did what) we keep the member assigned to their old projects. The team member you remove cannot access any of the data, when they are removed from workspaces.

    We are not planning to change this, as we don't want to leave projects without a history. I do think your idea about removing people from running workflows as they a removed from a workspace is a good idea. I will take this further with the team.

    Related to your feedback about feature requests in our Forums. Internally we are tracking completion of user ideas and customer feedback, as we receive ideas from many channels - not only this open Forum. We have currently 3440 submitted ideas and 925 implemented. We are updating the web version of Podio multiple times every week, with smaller UX improvements, bug fixes and performance improvements that are not necessarily shown in these forums. We just acquired Globiflow and added even more features and functionality to the Premium plan. We also have monthly updates to both iOS and Android to help improve the mobile experience.

    I hope we can convince you to stick around a bit longer :-)

    Sara - Podio


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  • Erin Martell

    I appreciate getting a response, since so often we don't get any response at all--or get a response that has no connection with the question--that hearing back at all is great.

    That being said, I don't know what 925 ideas have been implemented, but I can honestly say that not one of them has had any effect on the major problems with Podio. We ask for better admin control, the ability to archive or delete chats, an undelete function, etc. Those are MAJOR problems. Not colors in the calendar. You expect our companies to work the way yours does, and that's just not realistic.

    If I were the only one saying this stuff, I'd accept that I'm crazy. But there's thread after thread after thread. 

    By the way, I have four people with access to my stuff all because I don't want to remove them and have them get notified. I mean, seriously, can you honestly say that's working as intended? C'mon.


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  • Grace R

    Agreed. We have employees from years ago, none of which have valid emails anymore. I was advised to pay for the paid version of Podio to be able to remove members, but even though Im the one who paid for the upgrade, i only have "regular" access and can't therefore remove the old team members who have "admin" status. What a waste. Guess we won't be using this platform.

    With high employee turnover today, this feature needs a fix. Re: keeping past employees tied to projects - like many other platforms or programs (for instance, Google Drive), if you delete a team member you can assign their folders and files etc. to someone else in a workspace or your organization to that person's content so the content remains and the person doesn't. Let's get with the times, Podio.

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