• Bill Carovano

    You can't delete an employee's account per se, but you can remove them from the workspace and/or employee network so that they don't have access to your apps and data.

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  • Samuel Rojas

    Hi, I have 3 employees no work for me any more, so if i cannot delete them , how i can add new ones, and i have to pay for those employee no work for me any more + the new ones i will added? it is unbeliveble , please help!!!

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  • Andrew CMTech

    would be interested to know how to add/delete someone entirely from the system as this could happen from time to time inevitably. 

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  • Sean Miller


    Here are some screenshots of how to remove someone from the organization while on a paid plan. 


    1. Log into your Podio account


    2. Click on the wrench next to the Org and select User Management


    3. Select Remove from Org


    Unfortunately, it's not possible to delete someone else's Podio account. 


    Sean / Podio

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