Master/Slave Apps/Workspaces, App/Workspace Structure Syncing, App/Workspace Templates



  • Bill Carovano

    I've run into this challenge as well, albeit at a smaller scale than you are dealing with.

    Do you have these apps in separate workspaces because of the permissions you need to assign to each workspace?

    I'm asking because I wonder if another way to address your requirement (discussed in forums like these as a potential Podio enhancement) would be to have more advanced app/item permissions within a workspace.  I wonder if that might eliminate the need for a master/slave relationship, and instead enable 1 master workspace that provides the right level of access to each person.

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  • Ken DV

    Yes, because of permissions and to avoid requiring tons of filters.

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  • Aaron Jake Biehl

    Hi Ken,

    I've built similar systems in the past. We even have some custom API solutions that will dynamically do this with existing app structures so you don't have change your apps to fit our schema or have us do any custom work for your apps. Basically what we can do is create an app that let's you create workspaces. Then you can reference that app from the master items, and anything pointed at it will automatically by synced and shared to the child workspace selected.

    If you're interested, feel free to reach to myself or my partner Aaron Boerger. Here's our site if you want to take a look at the type of work we do.

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