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    Sumedha Panwar

    Hi Podio Mobile Users!

    We just rolled out the iOS App Version 22.2.0 which introduces the ability to upload multiple images together. Please try it out and let us know your feedback!


    Team Podio

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  • Andy Morris

    very interested. or anyone to sugest a work around?

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  • Phillip

    I can't see this feature being added anytime soon.


    I created a workaround by using the Podio API and a Firebase functions app. I also used the HTML5 canvas API to resize and reduce the file size of the images to save bandwidth and to speed up uploading.

    Happy to share the code 

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  • Bill Carovano

    I like to use Google Photos with Podio to streamline this type of process.

    Firstly, you'll add a "Link" field in your app in Podio.
    To associate the pictures with the item, follow these steps:
    1. Take the photos with your phone or tablet camera
    2. Open Google Photos
    3. Create your Google Photos album: Select "Album", pick the photos you want to include, and name the album.  
    3. In Google Photos, use the Album "Sharing options" and then use the "Copy Link" button
    4. Go to your Podio app->select the Podio item-> click on your link field, and paste URL you got from step 3.
    Now you'll have a link to your photos in your Podio item--and it doesn't clutter things up like you otherwise would using the image or files field. .
    You can also do this with Dropbox or OneDrive if you prefer those tools.
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