Print support: always hidden feature




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    Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    This has now been fixed! Thanks for helping us improve.

    //Sara - Podio

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  • Vincent Viggiano

    I have to second this!  The hidden fields are still appearing in the printer friendly version of items as well as in the "table" layout in the app.  

    Please and Thank you!

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  • AEI Admin

    We would like to use this to hide sensitive information as well as "system-level" information used by our Podio API based projects.  The always hidden feature is great so far but we need some of this hidden before we can use it to its fullest extent.

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  • Sara Høeg Højlund-Rasmussen

    Hi Eddie,

    Good point! I have updated your idea to - Print support: always hidden.

    Thanks for sharing.

    //Sara - Podio

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