Can contacts be shared between work spaces?



  • Bill Carovano

    Yes, you can use relationship fields to make your contacts accessible from any other workspace/app in your organization.

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  • John Misiag

    Bill I'm not a programmer, and I am stumped and challenged by the naming of merge fields.  I assume that you have defined php references to contact fields, but I do not understand the structure.  So with the RE Investor Pack, I separated the Seller Leads into two different apps, one that contains property information, and the other containing owner contact information.  I do use the relationship function and have updated the SMS coding to get the reference field for phone numbers.  I am trying to figure out where I need to make the same changes to the email information. 

    But the challenge I have is referencing the Contact Name in my Owner Contact app.  I do not know the syntax for that since I only have one field that has the full name, not separate fields like you show in the video.  Is there a index of how to reference fields from the contact app?

    Appreciate any assistance.

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