Display only linked elements in relation field B based on the selected value in relation field A


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  • Automations Bot

    Hi Venom in order to display all bank accounts related to a selected company in your invoice app you can do the following:

    - Go to your app A -> create a calculation field which captures all incoming items "Podio Item ID" from App B as a comma separated value this way you have access to all bank accounts (app B) which are related to your company (app A), write this code in that calculation field

    @All of Podio Item ID!="" ? @All of Podio Item ID.toString() : ""

    Make sure you grab the @All of Podio Item ID of app B

    Once you get this done, you can use that field to populate all bank account that a company you selected has inside either a calculation field or inside a relationship field.


    Since you want to use this as a calculation field, I'd suggest using Podio Workflow Automation to set all related bank accounts in a relationship field in your App C whenever a company is changed, simply populate that calculation field from App A in that relationship field in App C using tokens.


    Let me know if you need any help regarding this, you can email me on this developer@automationexpert.in

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