Simple Questions I can't find answers to.


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    Hi Josh Moore below are the answers to your questions:

    - Suppose you import a list in an app called "X" and your question is will other apps (App 'Y' and App 'Z') be able to access this data, the answer is Yes, given that

    1. If you have a relationship field attached for app 'A' in your apps Y and Z then you'll be able to access the data as a "Forward Reference" to app A in your apps Y and Z.
    2. Similarly, if app A contains 2 fields which are referenced to app Y and Z then you can still access access app A data in apps Y and Z which will be now accessed as "Backward reference" to app A.

    - Yes other workspaces will be able to access contacts as well, they need to be connected with a relationship field given that workspaces are under the same organisation.

    - SMRTphone is the best service to cold call since it's a product of Citrix itself and it has seamless integration, Quick Tip: you can connect a contact app (let's suppose Seller Leads app) and start chatting with a lead within your SMRTphone, if you ever feel like a seller is motivated and you want to send that contact as a lead to your seller leads app, simply click actions button and click create contact to quickly create that person in your leads app and get started on preparing contracts etc.

    Another quick tip is while dialing SMRTphone dialers let's say warm dialer and when you have multiple phone numbers in a single field in Podio, you can dial all phone numbers while in the dialer instead of creating multiple dialers for every phone number, all you have to do is set the number depth option to the desired number, meaning if you have 4 phones in a single field, you can set number depth to 4 to dial all 4 numbers when trying to call a lead, this can be helpful in filtering which phones are wrong and which are active and belongs to your lead.

    I have a good solution for you, instead of creating a different workspace for acquisitions and cold callers, why don't you create a single cold call app -> and give your cold callers a webform to submit the lead, when lead is submitted via webform it can be sent to your acquisitions managers to manage and make contact with the lead, that way you save money on getting charged for multiple workspaces.


    Let me know if you need any kind of help regarding any Podio automations I have a solid background in Podio and workflow automation, please refer to my email



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