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Using, you can do so much more with Podio by connecting it to the other apps you use like Gmail, Google Sheets,  Facebook Lead Ads, Hubspot, Salesforce, Slack, Trello and many more. This helps you automate the tedious tasks in your workflow like creating rows in your sheet from new items in Podio, triggering emails for new tasks and much more.

You can get the below powered Podio app for free from the Podio App Market:

Facebook Lead Ads: lets you create items in Podio for every new lead from Facebook Lead Ads. Automate your routine tasks by letting the Bots do the work for you. With this integration you can:

  • Add new items in Podio for every new Facebook lead
  • Assign tasks after every new Facebook lead is acquired
  • And more!

Get this Facebook Lead Ads + Podio app here.

Google Calendar: lets you keep all your events synced with your Podio Projects automatically to never miss an update on any event.  With this integration you can:

  • Create Google Calendar events from Podio tasks
  • Sync Google Calendar events to tasks. Map data fields like event description, time, etc.
  • Create new items in Podio from new events and vice versa
  • And more!

Get this Google Calendar + Podio app here.

Google Sheets: lets you create items or tasks automatically in Podio for new rows in your Google Sheet. Smart sync your everyday apps for all your tasks like Google Sheets and Podio. With this integration you can:

  • Add rows in Google Sheet for new tasks in Podio
  • Push new items from Podio to rows in a Google Sheet
  • Create new items in Podio when rows get added in a Google Sheet
  • And more!

Get this Google Sheets + Podio app here.

Gmail: lets you connect your Gmail with Podio in crazy ways like creating a task in Podio whenever there is a new email in Gmail. With this integration you can:

  • For every new email in Gmail, add a status in Podio
  • Get notified via email for every new task in Podio
  • Create new items in Podio on every new email in Gmail
  • And more!

Get this Gmail + Podio app here.

You can get started to create bots for Podio with 80+ other apps you are using to simplify your work! Below are some of the most productive workflows with Podio app.

  • Create new items in Podio from new rows added to a Google Sheet
  • Get notified on Slack for new tasks created in Podio
  • Create new items in Podio on a new Facebook lead acquired
  • Add items in Podio for new subscribers in MailChimp
  • Add or Update a Contact in Salesforce on a New Item in Podio
  • Create tasks in Podio from new payments in Xero
  • For every new opportunity in Infusionsoft, add an item in Podio
  • Add events in Google Calendar for every new task in Podio
  • Keep your Asana and Podio in sync. On a new task in Asana, add a task in Podio or vice versa.
  • Create new cards in Trello from tasks in Podio
  • Sync form entries from Wufoo to items in Podio
  • Add items in Podio for new customers in QuickBooks
  • Trigger emails from Office 365 when a new task is added in Podio

Also, in this tutorial, you’ll find instructions on how to create a Bot in We’ll explain for example, an integration between Podio and Gmail. We are going to consider a sample automation - “Send an email in Gmail whenever there is a new task in Podio”.

Creating your first Bot

Creating a Bot consists of three main parts:

  • Linking your Apps
  • Setting up the trigger and action
  • Launching the Bot
  1. After logging in, click on "Create a Bot".


  2. From here, you can set up the automation rule. Typically, you'll be sending the data from the Trigger App to the Action App. Click the "Select Trigger app" drop-down. Then, select "Podio".



  3. Name the app and then click "Authorize".


  4. Next, you will be prompted to connect to your Podio account if you have not already done so in the past. Enter your Login Name and Password and click "Allow Access".


  5. Now, select - “On a new task” option from the Trigger list of your Trigger app (Podio).


  6. Next you'll have to select the action that will be taken when the trigger data is passed.
    In this case, select the action as -  "Send an email” from the drop-down list of the action app - Gmail.


  7. Next, you need to select how a new email will be sent from Gmail. With drag and drop interface, you can choose the data field that has to be mapped from Podio to Gmail.


  8. Once finished, click "Save".


  9. Now toggle that Bot to "ON".


  10. You can then test this integration to make sure new emails are being sent for new tasks in Podio.


  11. Once done, this integration will now show under your Bots.


  12. You can now run a test and see if your bot is working correctly.

Awesome! Within no time, you’ve automated your task! For every new task in Podio, will trigger a new email via Gmail automatically. This is just one of the ways you can create smart workflows using Podio and other 80+ apps.


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