How do I delete data?

How do I delete my uploaded data?

We make it possible for you to delete individual uploaded comments, items, apps, and workspaces you created. Before you are able to delete data, we ask you to confirm deletion to ensure important data will not be deleted by mistake. 

How to:

It is important that you manually export your data from Podio if you like to retain the data prior to deleting your account. Here is how:

You can export data from all apps using the excel export tool.

You can also access all your uploaded data programmatically via the Podio API: If you don't have a developer in-house, you can request quote from a partner here or use one of the available export and back-up extensions. We recommend and Phases for export and back-up solutions.

How long is data retained after deletion?

We retain deleted data for 90 days before deletion from our systems. If you delete your Podio account or uploaded data within your Podio organization, this will be physically deleted from our systems after 90 days.

How can I delete all uploaded content for my organization?

1. Remove all employees

If you are an organization admin of a paid organization, you can remove all employees from accessing data from the User Management page. 

When you remove someone from your organization, their history and any content they have created will not be deleted. Everything the user created or commented on will remain as it was before they were removed. We keep the history to ensure you as a business owner keep the business history of the projects or clients your employee was contributing to while working for your company.

When you remove your employees, they can no longer access the data within your organization. They can still use the free version of Podio and use Podio in other organizations they might be invited to join. If they want to be removed entirely from Podio, they should make sure to delete their individual Podio account. Here is how an individual account can be deleted.

Using ShareFile authentication to access Podio? You will need to delete users from the ShareFile Manage Employees section. Learn more here. When deleted from ShareFile, they can no longer login to access data on Podio.

2. Delete workspaces

If you only want to delete data from some workspaces and keep data from other workspaces available in the future, this will be possible. You can delete and archive individual workspaces if you visit the "Manage workspaces" settings page. Here is a guide.

If you want to delete all uploaded data, please follow step 3.

3. Leave the organization

After you have removed all users from your organization and cancelled your paid account, you can leave the organization as the last person to delete all uploaded content. Leaving the organization as the last person, will delete all workspaces, apps and uploaded data. 

Here is how you leave the organization: mouse over the organization name in the left navigation, then select "Leave organization" to leave. You will need to type a confirmation message "leave" to confirm.

4. Delete your individual Podio account

If you want to ensure your own personal data will be removed from Podio, you should make sure to delete your individual Podio account. Here is how an individual account can be deleted.

In the Free services plan we retain data for inactive accounts without login for 13 months. After 13 months of no activity, the user will be notified and the data will be queued for deletion.

Also please note

At Citrix, our mission is to safeguard our customers’ apps and data.  As a trusted partner to the largest enterprises around the globe, Citrix takes the handling and protection of sensitive business information very seriously.

You can learn more about our data privacy policy here.

You can learn more about security here as well as hosting of data here. This is also where you can request a signed data processing addendum.

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