[Zapier] Connecting a Podio app to an Excel spreadsheet

Zapier's Excel integration allows you to seamlessly link the data between your Podio apps and any Excel spreadsheet. This opens up a wide variety of possibilities, from adding rows to your spreadsheet for each new Podio item, to updating the existing content based on changes you make to your Podio app. 

This is also a great alternative to Podio's Excel export tool. Instead of periodically backing up your apps via Excel export, you can automatically back up all of your Podio items to a spreadsheet as they are added or changed. 

You will need:

You can learn more about getting started with Podio on Zapier here, and you can read more about Zapier's Excel integrations here

Please Note: This integration requires you to have your files on OneDrive for Business, which is included with Office 365 or Sharepoint Server. 

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