PieSync and Podio for Contact Synchronization

With PieSync you can set ­up real­-time bidirectional sync between Podio and a multitude of different cloud applications (e.g. Google, MailChimp, SalesForce) in minutes. PieSync will monitor your contacts and sync every update to Podio and vice versa. You will need to use a contact app in Podio for the sync to work – see how to create a contact-type app here

Updating contacts is done by smart contact data matches that automatically merge data to avoid duplicates.

PieSync provides a number of powerful filters you can use to define which contacts you want to keep in sync with which Podio list. You can also set up rule-based syncing across different applications. 

Premium Voucher

Customers on a Premium plan get access to a voucher to use PieSync free for 6 months. You may select any PieSync tier with the voucher, and at the end of the 6 month period your free plan will roll into a paid plan on the selected tier.

PieSync currently supports over 70 cloud applications, including:

Setting up Contact Synchronization with PieSync 

  1. Sign in or sign up for a free PieSync trial (we only need your name and email address).

  2. Select which services you’d like to keep in sync by clicking their logos. Then click ‘Add connection’.

  3. Connect both services (in this example Google).

  4. Select the Podio workspace and app you’d like to connect.

  5. Set up the configuration of your connection:

    • Choose which contacts to sync (based on groups, lists or tags). Add multiple filters if needed.
    • Determine the sync direction (one-way or two-way)
    • Choose to avoid duplicates by only syncing contacts with an email address
    • When syncing with Google, you can choose to sync deletions as well.
    • Choose a Master app as your source of truth in case of conflicting data.

  6. Click ‘Start Syncing Now’. You can follow the progress on your dashboard.

    When the initial sync is completed, your dashboard will say ‘Synchronization is active’. Every contact that you add or edit that matches your filters, will get synced to the other side in no more than 5 minutes.


        You can read which fields get synced in the PieSync Help Centre.

Please note: This is not an officially supported Podio integration - if you haven any questions regarding this extension, please direct them to the team at PieSync by emailing support@piesync.com.

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