Podio Chat app

All iOS and Android users have the option to install our Podio Chat app. This app is separate from the main Podio app, but they work together to make a seamless experience.

The Podio Chat app gives you a more convenient way to chat with your colleagues when you're on the go. You can open this app to go straight to your conversations, instead of navigating through the main Podio app to get there. 

If you have both the Podio app and the Podio Chat app installed, then the Podio Chat app will automatically launch when you click on your conversations from the Podio app. 

Here are the current requirements for this app:

  • iOS 8 only, iPhone 4 or later
  • For iOS, this is available on iPhones only. iPads aren't currently supported
  • Android 4.0 or later

Note that using this app is not mandatory - you can decide whether you'd like to use it or keep everything in one Podio app. 

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