Visual Reports

Adding visual reports is a feature that is available on the Premium tier of Podio. Note that all Podio organizations have access to the standard reporting tool.

Visual reports let you display your app data in a Table, Bar Chart, or Line Graph. 

Table Bar Chart Line Graph


To get started, create a new report by clicking the "+"  icon next to the Reports button in the upper right when viewing your app. From here you can select the criteria for your report. Check out the guide to creating reports for a walkthrough.

Next, find the "Report layout" section at the bottom of the report creation window, and select the layout you'd like to use for this report. The preview on the right shows how your report will appear once saved. 

Click "Next" to enter the final details for your report, and you're done! 


Upgrade to Podio Premium to use visual reports in Podio.

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