Create tasks from email

You can send an email into Podio to create a task for yourself straight from your inbox. Each Podio account has a unique email address for this. To find it, go to your tasks page via the task icon in the top blue bar, then click "Create task from email" on the right.

From here you can add your unique email address to the address book in any of your connected email accounts, or just copy/paste the email address directly.

The emails sent here will always be assigned to you, using the subject of the email as the task title, and the body as the task description. 

If you would like to send a task to someone else via email, you can ask that person for their own unique email address, then send your email to that address instead. Note that the assignee will not be notified about the new task, so you may want to reach out to them to let them know you've given them a task. 

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